Friday, January 21, 2011

The Arctic Prairie Leopard Snow Ghillie

The APL™ Logo
This is currently the most popular depiction of the capabilities of a snow ghillie suit.  It is my creation and as such, retain the rights to APL™, Arctic Prairie Leopard™ and have begun production on several winter camo patterns.

The suit in the video was sold via Ebay in Jan of 2010 and since then, many people have had me build them something similar.  The original suit, was built on top of a Cabela's polyester over white suit, and even though it was only a modified rendition, it was still incredibly light weight and 100% wind/water proof.

The new APL SG™ 2.0 is built completely from scratch by hand, by me.  It features wind/waterproof ripstop nylon, DWR material in the groin to prevent barbwire snags, and also on the butt to reduce wear when sitting among brush material.  The suit can be built to individual user specs regarding the placement of the "ghillie" materials.  It can be put on the back of the jacket, hood and legs like a standard military suit, or I can implement it into the front of the jacket and arms as well for use in the seated position when predator hunting.

APL SG™ 2.0 is $400 with free shipping anywhere in the continental US (Sz L only for 5'8" - 6'4")

APL SG™ 2.1 is $150 and is a reduced price version for use in airsoft or paintball or for a bargain shopper for a cheap clone of the original.  It is a modified retail suit that I retrofit to look exactly like the APL SG™ 2.0  HOWEVER...It is NOT waterproof, it is NOT ripstop, it does NOT have any added protection against barbwire or brush that may tear it and it is not hand crafted to last.  Free shipping also available. (Sz L only for 5'8" - 6'4")

All other locations are subject to actual shipping charges.  Other size modifications can be considered for an additional charge.  Each suit is built on an individual order basis and usually require upfront payment and 2-3 weeks to build and deliver.